Panel d'Oman
A la découverte des différentes facettes d'Oman

Panel d'Oman


D1: Flight to Oman

Welcome at the airport and transfer to your hotel. 

  • Night in 2* hotel
  • Transfer: 30 min

D2 : Muscat – Wadi Shaab - Fins

Visit of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, between luxury and excess. We take the direction of Sur, by the coast to reach Wadi Shaab. Lunch at a local restaurant. Hike and swim in Wadi Shaab then transfer to your bivouac by the sea.

  • Night in bivouac by the sea
  • Hiking & swimming: 3h 
  • Transfer 3h

D3: Fins – Wadi Tiwi – Plateau from Selma

Transfer to Wadi Tiwi, to the village of Mibam. Hike in Wadi Tiwi, villages, turquoise basins, palm grove... In the middle of the afternoon, we will take the road then a beautiful steep track to the Selma Plateau, offering beautiful sea views! Passing by we will take a look at the chasm « Majlis al Djinn » (which means "the room of the spirits"), one of the largest in the world…

  • Night in bivouac on the plateau
  • Hiking & swimming: 3 to 4h 
  • Transfer: 2h

Day 4: Tray of Selma – Wadi Tayeen

We continue in 4X4 the exploration of the Selma Plateau, passing by the Tombs of Bat, curious constructions 10 meters high meters, dating from the Neolithic. Arrived on the other side of   djebel , we will discover Wadi Tayeen, its playful basins and its small waterfalls.

  • Night in bivouac on the plateau
  • Hiking & swimming: 2 to 3h 
  • Transfer: 1h30

Day 5: Wadi Tayeen – Fanja – Nakhal – Wadi Sahtan

Last in the Wadi for those who want it! Transfer to Nakhal fort, with a stop by the souks and Fanja palm grove. Mostly traditional pottery souk. Visit of the fort of Nakhal. We take the road back to Rustaq before leaving the main axis to sink into the Wadi Sahtan, great circus, north face of Jebel Shams : the mountain of the sun, the highest point of Oman, at 3000m, superb! Depending on the time, possibility of a short hike in the heart of the villages then installation of the bivouac.

  • Night in bivouac in the heart of Wadi Sahtan
  • Hiking: depending on the time + visits
  • Transfer 3h30

D6 : Wadi Sahtan – Bimah

Hike through the valleys, each sheltering a village built according to from the constraints of the mountain...Palm groves, Falaj “irrigation canals”, terrass... we walk in traditional Oman.

In the afternoon , transfer to Wadi Bani Awf, by a beautiful track through the mountains...

  • Night in a traditional lodge >
  • Hiking: 4 to 5h /+700/-800m
  • Transfer 1h30

J7 :  Bimah – Bilad Sayt – Sharaf – Jebel Shams

A beautiful day with beautiful views! Crossing the magnificent village of Bilad Sayt, in the heart of the black cliffs, a hidden island of greenery. Then it's off for a sustained climb to the pass by a steep path built into the cliffs, but without technical difficulty. You will follow the ridges to reach the Sharaf pass. Descent from the pass by car, to go up to the Djebel Shams : the mountain of the sun, the highest point in Oman, at 3009m altitude.

  • Night in bivouac at 2000m altitude
  • Hike: 5 to 6h / drop: +1100m
  • Transfer: 2h30

D8: Djebel Shams - Nizwa

At 2000m, hiking on the balcony of the Omani Grand Canyon, spectacular! Then transfer to the valley, breakfast hook by the Jibreen Fort, the most beautiful fort in Oman, typical of Omani architecture. Transfer to your hotel.

  • Night in a 2* hotel
  • Hike : 3 to 5h + visit 
  • Transfer 2h30

D9 : Nizwa – Rub al Khali

Morning to discover Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman. Visit of the fort and the souks. Transfer to reach the Rub al Khali "the empty quarter", the largest sand desert in the world! In the afternoon, we will stop at the entrance to the desert, in an area where salt and bel is present. A salt pool, with the dunes as a backdrop! Unlikely! Depending on the time, installation of the camp and walk at sunset ?!!!

  • Night in Bivouac in the heart of the dunes !
  • Hiking : to be seen depending on the time ! 
  • Transfer: 3 to 4h

D10: Rub al Khali – Rub al Khali

A cool start, to conquer its great dunes, this magical, grandiose and silent space... at the end of the morning, and the time of the hottest hours, rest break, picnic, read a book... during the hottest hours, transfer, in order to advance in the dunes... At the end of the day, when the sun begins to go down, we will go for a walk again.

  • Night in Bivouac in the heart of the dunes!
  • Hike: 4 to 6 hours
  • Transfer: 1h

D11: Rub al Khali – Djebel Kobra

A last morning stroll in the heart of its immense dunes. We will then join the car, to leave the desert. At the end of the day we will discover the " Djebel Kobra ". Djebel Kobra is neither the name of a mountain nor of a place! These limestone massifs, really very white in places, have all the more impressive shapes, but one of them is unanimous: a Cobra! Installation of our camp, guarded by the Cobra !

  • Night in Bivouac
  • Hike: 3 to 4h
  • Transfer: 4h

D12:   Djebel Kobra – Mahoot – Al Mikhayabiyah

Stroll in the heart of these massifs, let your imagination run wild! We will take the road back to Mahoot where we will make a refueling stop. We will then continue to Al Mikhayabiyah where we will head towards the sea. Hike between rocks and our bivouac, on the edge of the ocher dunes and white... the landscape is completely different from the day before or the same morning !

  • Night in bivouac
  • Hiking: 3h
  • Transfer 3h

D13 : Al Mikhayabiyah – Ras Bintawt

A pedestrian day, first through ocher dunes, then several crossings between rock and sand... increasingly clear, to reach the  sugar dunes . We will cross the white dunes to reach the sea… a well-deserved swim! Installation of the bivouac by the sea.

    • Night in bivouac
    • < em>Hiking: 5 to 6 hours
    • No transfer 

D14: Ras Bintawt – Khalouf – Ras Ar Ruways - Wahiba

Transfer to Khalouf fishing village. Typical Bedouin fishing village. We will then take the direction of the coast towards Sur.  Along the way, a stop and a walk/swimming around the petrified dunes of Ras Ruways. We hit the road again for a few kilometres, then we turn off to cross the Wahiba sand desert, yet another dunes that are very different from the rest ! Arrival at the end of the day at your traditional Bedouin camp.

      • Night in a traditional Bedouin camp
      • Hiking & swimming: 1 to 2h
      • Transfer 4h30

Day 15: Wahiba Desert – Wadi Bani Khaled – Muscat

Transfer to Wadi Bani Khaled, in the Eastern Hajjar Mountains. Hiking & trek to a beautiful basin, there and back. Transfer to Muscat. In the afternoon, shower at the hotel in Day-use (1 room for 4), and end of the day to discover the Muttrah district, Corniche, the souks, the Sultan's palace...Free dinner and transfer to the airport

      • Night flight
      • Hiking & swimming: 2 to 3 hours
      • Transfer 3h30 




  • Level : Hike 3 to 5 hours / day
  • Accommodation : tent & accomodation
  • Guide : oui
  • Length of stay : 15 days (14 nights)